Recyclers, please remember that the recycle cart stays with the house it was delivered to. If you move to a house in the Township without a cart, call the Township to have one delivered to you. 

Empty, Clean and Dry!
Please check out this important information on our recycling practices by Clicking Here. Kalamazoo Township is above average for keeping contaminants out of our recycling. Let's work on being the best.

Know Your Day
Go to the Curbside Pick Up Map to see which day of the week your recycling, leaves and brush or bulk trash are picked up.

Weekly Garbage Service Information
If you live in a 1 to 4 unit residential household in Kalamazoo Township, rental or self-owned, as of April 1, 2016, all curbside garbage service will be with Republic Services. Please call customer service at (877) 268-3867 or your local Republic Services Account Representative at (269) 216-8000. See the quick links below for more information.

Recycling Tips

Kalamazoo Township has a single stream recycle program using  large wheeled carts. The program takes paper, metal, glass and a large number of plastics. Please see the links above for details. There is also a link to a video of the sorting process at work.

Here are a few tips to make the process more go more smoothly.

  • Check the lists to make sure your items are recyclable. Loads that are contaminated with unrecyclable materials waste time, energy and money.
  • Don't put garbage or compost in your cart. There are cameras inside the trucks so we know if people are trying to avoid paying for garbage service by putting it in the recycle cart. You'll receive a warning letter and if you continue to use it for garbage your cart will be removed.
  • Set your cart out the night before. They start picking up very early.
  • Don't set your cart too close to a mailbox or other obstacle that will make it too difficult for the automated arms on the truck to pick up your cart.
  • Don't set items for pick-up outside the cart. You can cut cardboard down to fit in the cart or take it to the drop off site at Republic Services at 3432 Gembrit Circle for a small fee.
  • You can pay a moderate annual fee for a second cart. Call Republic Services 1 (269) 216-8000
  • For any other concerns or questions regarding your recycling please call the Township at (269) 381-8080
  • When the roads are icy and narrow because they haven't been cleared we apologize for missing or being late for some pickups, safety is the first concern. You can check the County Road Commission's plowing policy from a link on our homepage.

The better we are at keeping the recycle stream clean and saving second trips by the trucks the more energy and natural resources we can conserve.

To see more things you can recycle and where, go to
Thank you for participating in the recycling program.

Tree Clean-Up

For Kalamazoo County Road Commission Tree Removal Policy Click Here

For Consumers Energy Tree Removal policies Click Here

Please check the yellow pages or search for tree removal services on the internet.

Bulk Trash

Bulk trash pickups for 2019 are scheduled during the weeks of APRIL 1-5, JULY 8-12 and OCTOBER 7-11. Check the curbside recycle map to see which day your trash will be picked up. Limit at each pick up, approximately 3.5 cubic yards. If you think your address was missed please call the township within 24 hours of your pick-up day.

If you have a mattress infested with bed bugs, write  Bed Bugs on the mattress and enclose it in a strong plastic bag or it will not be picked up. If you would like information on avoiding or controlling bed bugs Click Here.

Regulations for Bulk Trash Pick Up


  • This pick-up is intended to help you get rid of the things you can't fit in your trash container. It is not a substitute for garbage service.
  • If you have some smaller items they should be in a bin, box or clear heavy duty plastic bag, contents must be visible
  • Bags and containers must weigh less than 50 lbs
  • Larger items such as: Furniture, toys, bicycles, appliances*, home fixtures and any other items as long as they are considered non-hazardous
  • A very limited amount of building materials: doors, sections of fencing - must be cut down to fit into the truck and can be lifted by one person
  • Latex Paints - Paint must be dried up in containers (used sawdust, kitty litter or just leave the can open for a few days)
  • Wheel rims and small car parts
  • Republic Services picks up most things placed at the curb as long as it is prepared in "Manageable Bundles",  clear bags, boxes and containers. They are not allowed to unload vehicles or trailers. The exceptions are below.


  • Large Plastic Drums
  • Concrete
  • Large pieces of Metal
  • "Yard Waste"
  • Liquid Waste or Hazardous Waste
  • Tires (Tires may be accepted if they are cut up in flat pieces)
  • Tires on Rims
  • Non-Latex Paints & Varnishes
  • Motor Oil & Solvents
  • Any Batteries
  • Regulated medical Waste
  • Large car parts such as: Engine blocks, bodies, oversize hoods & doors
  • Building demolition: While they will take very small amounts of construction debris, they will not be able to remove large volumes such as: Garage or House demolition that would normally require a construction style dumpster.
  • Appliances that contain Freon, such as: Refrigerators & Air Conditioners*, These items can be accepted if the Freon is removed and the appliance is "tagged" by a licensed facility that the Freon is removed.
    Consumers Energy  will pay $50 for old working refrigerators. Contact them at 877-270-3519 for more information.

Please refer to documentation from the Michigan DEQ, which lists most of these items as banned from Michigan Landfills.

Household Hazardous Waste

For oil based paint, car batteries, rechargeable batteries, pure used motor oil, oil filters, antifreeze, gasoline, pesticides and also recycling an old TV or computer, contact Kalamazoo County's Hazardous Waste web site or call the Household Hazardous Waste Program Information Hot Line at 269-373-5211.

DROP OFF ANY OF THESE ITEMS AT 1301 LAMONT ST. Corner of Lake and Lamont by the County Fair Grounds. Tues & Fri 8:00-1:00, Weds Noon to 6:00pm. Second Saturday 8:00 am to noon.

More information is available at http://kalcounty.com/hhw/index.htm
Leaf and Brush Pickup

For 2019

Regulations for Leaf and Brush Pick Up

  • Leaf and Brush Pickup is MAY 6-10, NOVEMBER 18-22 and December 2-6. Click here for your pick up day.
    Yard waste (grass, leaves, brush, and branches) will be picked up twice a year according to the schedule.
  • Leaves must be in paper yard bags.
  • Brush and branches must not exceed four feet in length and two inches in diameter and must be securely tied in bundles.
  • No plastic bags of any color, size, or style.
  • The 12-container limit does not apply to the leaf and brush pick ups.
  • No loose leaves in the street. 

Click Here to see which day yours will be picked up. If you miss the leaf and brush pick-up or would like an alternative to bagging your leaves go to the following website to learn about backyard composting or contact a local landscaping service about dropping off leaves and brush.

Protect Our Surface Waters

An illicit discharge is any discharge to the storm water drainage system that is not just rainwater. Some examples of illicit discharges include dumping of motor vehicle fluids; industrial, commercial or household hazardous wastes; direct connections between household plumbing and storm drains, failing septic fields; unauthorized discharges of sewage, industrial waste; restaurant waste; or anything else that is not rainwater

Illicit discharges to water bodies such as streams, lakes and wetlands contribute to the degradation of our environment. Streams in Kalamazoo Township flow to the Kalamazoo River, which eventually leads to Lake Michigan.

 Click here to learn what you can do to make a difference. Help protect our water!