Sidewalks - An Important Asset
According to Kalamazoo Township survey results, sidewalk repair and adding bike/walk paths garnered notable interest from residents. According to recent studies those citizens are on the right track, good sidewalks and a high walkability score in a community increase property values, economic development and safety and health. Please Click Here for the link to the AARP - Livability Fact Sheet - Sidewalks.

Keeping your sidewalk in good condition, clear of obstructions, including overgrown grass and weeds and snow and ice, will help your community thrive. and make it safer for everyone but especially children, seniors and the disabled. A special thank you goes out to those who help their neighbors who are unable to do the maintenance on their own.
Sidewalk Replacement Program

The Charter Township of Kalamazoo offers a program to assist residential property owners with the replacement of sidewalk squares that are in disrepair. Sections of sidewalk determined by the Ordinance Enforcement Officer to be in disrepair, will be subsidized at a rate of 50%. The maximum subsidy per parcel is $500. Applications will be accepted on a first come, first served basis until the Township's allocated amount of money has been utilized. Sidewalk squares will be considered in disrepair if any of the following criteria exist:

  • Potholes of one or more inches in depth
  • A height difference of two or more inches in adjoining sections of sidewalks
  • Insufficient slope to adequately drain the water away from the surface

Applications are available by clicking the link on this page or contacting the Township Ordinance Enforcement Office at 269-381-8080.